Lanxi Jieke Sports Apparatus Manufacturing CO., LTD. is a state-level high and new technology company and a science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang province, with a buildin technical design center of Jinhua municipal level. It is the oldest professional manufacturer specialize in brake system for bicycles, electric bicycles, intelligent mountain bikes and mini motorbikes.

Jieke cooperates with several large groups cross the Taiwan strait. It has an advanced ability of development, design, manufacturing and testing. The dual actuation mechanical disc brake products have won the creative award many times in the international bicycle exhibitions, and some major products were titled with new product titles in Zhejiang province and won the awards in the industrial design competitions of provincial, prefectural and county level respectively.

Jieke company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, EN ISO4210 certification and none-asbestos brake pads certification. All its products have passed ROHS certification. In the field of disc brake, it has high-grade hydraulic disc brakes, dual actuation mechanical disc brakes and normal single-side driving mechanical disc brakes, totally three series more than 20 varieties. The year output of disc brake has reached 5 million sets. Its main products all are the designated products of high-end users home and abroad, sold throughout the country and more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, United States, southeast Asia and South America.

Our company is the nation's most professional and largest enterprise in the brake field and has self-export right, with its products all covered by products liability insurance worldwide Jieke company sticks to its company faith ''faithfulness, Mutualism, Quality first, Good service and Innovation"all the way, and will always wholeheartedly cooperate with customers to achieve mutual prosperity.


Mission: To provide humans with the safest high quality bicycle disc brake system.

Vision: To build the company into a leading brand enterprise in the domestic and international bicycle disc brake industry.

Values: integrity, gratitude, dedication, and win-win.

——Integrity: The company adheres to the principle of honesty in customer service, strives to provide customers with the highest quality products and best service, and strives to establish a corporate image of integrity.

——Gratitude: Thanks for the affirmation and support of the society, and thank you for the efforts and efforts of every "jieke".

——Dedication: Dedication, self-transcendence.

——Win-win: After the company develops, realize customer value, social progress, employee benefits, and return to society.

——Win-win: After the company develops, realize customer value, social progress, employee benefits, and return to society.

The company has established a recent strategy, including “emphasizing brand building, improving product quality, focusing on technological innovation, and cultivating a talent team”. Adopting quality and innovation as the main competitive direction, focusing on improving the core competitiveness of the company, enhancing employee loyalty; externally focusing on improving brand

The company pursues:

Willing to take on more responsibilities; love work and pursue excellence;

Treating dedication as a habit; having a proactive attitude;

Have a sense of teamwork, think about the team; have a heart of honesty and loyalty;

Focus on personal image and maintain company reputation.

Pay attention to details and pursue perfection; follow the guidelines and do things with heart;