The Company and the accolades
2021-03-31 21:27:49


·       Received the rating as Trustworthy Private Enterprise.

·       Received the rating as class A Trusted and Reliable Contract Company.

·       With its product of dual side action mechanical brake, the company has passed the province level government review for the new products, and won the award for New Innovation in the24th International Cycle Trade Show at China Cycle 2014.

·       The company garnered several awards and prizes including second place prize in the Jinhua Industrial Design Competition, second place prize in First Lanxi Innovations and Products Fair of municipal employee workers, and second place award by scientific technologies from Lanxi Municipality. This product is cutting edge technology in the domestic market which filled the void in technology field for dual side action mechanical brakes in China.

·       The new product of disk type differential band mechanical brake used in bicycles has passed the inspection review at the province level government level, and won the third place award in the Jinhua Municipality Industrial Design Competition, and received the rating respectively as High technology Enterprise, and Innovative Enterprise by Jinhua City and Lanxi City.

·       With dual side action mechanical brake, the company is honored to receive Innovative Product Award at the 24thInternational Cycle Products Trade Show. The product has passed inspection review of the Jinhua Enterprise Technology Center and the province level government review for new products.